"Athletes deserve to know what they are really, truly capable of achieving"

I want to share a brief personal story. 

As a kid, like most I played the usual combination of AFL and basketball. As I entered my teens, I made the decision to drop basketball and focus all my efforts on AFL. As the years progressed, I became quite good - winning a few junior awards here and there, and starting to think that I might be able to go somewhere. 

Around the age of 15, I decided to join the local council gym to improve my strength, which I hoped in turn would improve my football ability and put me ahead of the pack.

It is this exact moment which is why Kinetic Sports Performance exists.

If, at that moment in time, I had joined a facility that was purpose built for improving athletic performance, my life (and career) may have turned out very differently.

Instead, I was shown a basic ‘Upper/Lower’ training split, and began training using YouTube as my main inspiration and guidance. So what happened?

I trained like a bodybuilder. 

Picture the huge upper body, disproportionately small legs, and an inability to run, jump or change direction efficiently at all. Three days of training ‘Chest and Triceps’ because that’s what I thought I needed to do. I thought that to become a great footballer, I just needed to get ‘big’. No one told me otherwise, so I went all in.

With my newfound 'strength' I threw my hat in the ring and went down to the Oakleigh Chargers for a trial when I was 16, but never made it past the first cut. Why? I was completely blown out of the water, athletically speaking, by the other guys there.

I had the skills and the strength, but I just never had the athleticism to make it any further than local club level. And so that's exactly where I stayed.

This is why I started Kinetic Sports Performance. 

To ensure that every athlete has the opportunity to achieve their true potential.

To provide an environment that is purpose built for helping athletes improve their speed, strength, power and overall athleticism in the most effective way possible.

To never let another athlete miss out on their dream (like I did) simply because they never had someone with the knowledge show them the way.


Sean Stokes, Owner & Founder

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Sean Stokes

Owner & Founder

Tom Hillman

Head of Performance

Sarah Gibson

Rehab Coordinator | Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Muon Le

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Alexandra Stokes

Sports Dietitian

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