“For AFL womens players wanting to decrease their injury risk and improve their athleticism”

Bulletproof your body so you can compete with confidence

Our Off-Season Program Will Improve Your Strength, Speed And Power So You Spend Less Time On The Sidelines And More Time Doing What You Love...Playing Footy.

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AFL women's players are 9x more likely to rupture an ACL than males.

The saying goes the best ability is availability, and currently; their is an availability crisis gripping women’s AFL, at all levels.

If you currently play, then you know what I’m talking about.

Has there been a match this season where a teammate hasn’t gone down with a serious injury?

Whether it be a season ending ACL, or a soft tissue injury that requires months on the sidelines; I’m betting that you’ve seen them all (or worse - have been a casualty yourself)

There is a reason why the AFLW have introduced a national injury prevention program, aimed at providing clubs with the resources to help female players reduce their injury risk, and improve their performance.

They have recognised that it is a serious problem, and one that needs addressing - fast.

But there’s a problem…

Unless you are fortunate enough to play for an AFLW club, those resources don’t filter through to you.

You’re left to navigate the maze that is strength and conditioning, and injury prevention…on your own.

Maybe your club has an S&C coach that takes a session or two per week on the field… but it’s a generic program completely non-specific to you.

Or perhaps you have access to a physio your club has a relationship with, but all you get is a couple of visits and a few ‘rehab’ exercises written on a piece of paper…after you’ve already been injured.

Granted, having some level of support is certainly better than doing it all by yourself - but there is a reason why clubs at the highest level place a huge emphasis on properly prescribed and integrated S&C and injury prevention work…especially in the off- and pre-season.

Because it has been proven to decrease risk of sustaining a serious injury.

That’s where we come in.

We have developed a completely integrated high-performance pre season program aimed specifically at bulletproofing the female AFL athlete against the typical injuries sustained whilst playing, and taking their performance to a new level.

We will uncover your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots with our Performance Plan™, so you’ll be confident your problem areas are going to be improved.

You’ll get a completely individualized training program, not a generic ‘cookie cutter’ to complete on your own at your local big box gym.

You’ll get full access to our coaching timetable, so you never have to second guess if you’re training correctly.

And, you’ll have our sports physio here available to you, so any niggles you may have don’t turn into time on the sidelines.

How the program works

Our Women's AFL Off-Season Program is the complete solution to bulletproofing your body from injury.

We help any athlete currently playing women's AFL that wants to decrease their injury risk, improve their athleticism and play with confidence.

The program runs for 8 weeks.


You'll begin your off-season program by completeting our in depth performance testing protocol. During the 90 minutes, we will:

1. Pinpoint the weaknesses that are holding you back and bulletproof them once and for all.
2. Identify the blind spots in your performance and discover how to turn them into opportunities that will enhance your sports performance.
3. Reveal the strengths that make you a talented athlete


Every athlete that joins our off season program receives their own unique Performance Plan™ - a detailed strategy that clearly outlines how to develop your strength, power and speed to decrease your risk of injury, and improve your overall athleticism.

Your Performance Plan™ is based on the results of your testing, so it is completely unique to you and your body.


Using the data from your Performance Plan™, you will have a program written by our expert coaches that is 100% specific and tailored to you and your body.

All your strength and power training, fitness and conditioning, and sprint mechanics will be customised based on what you need to decrease your risk of injury and improve your athleticism.


Once your program is written, you will move into a 1:1 session with your performance coach - we call this our onboarding session.

This session will step you through your program so you are totally comfortable and confident in all the movements before joining the timetabled training sessions.


It’s so important to fuel your body for optimal performance, which is why you will have the opportunity to join monthly online seminars with our Sports Dietitian, Alexandra.

If you’re like most athletes, you know ‘roughly’ that you should be eating ‘healthily’ - but you’re not that sure exactly what that looks like. During the seminars, you will learn exactly what you should be eating for your body, pre and post game, as well as optmising your diet for recovery.


You’re now ready to begin training in our sessions, led by our experienced Performance Coaches.

Surrounded by a group of like-minded, motivated athletes and being coached by an expert coach in a session with no more than 6 others in it, is what you can expect once you start your training.

You will be re-tested at the completion of your off-season program (8 weeks) so you can see your improvements.




"AFLW development program is awesome"

"AFLW development program is awesome, the coaches have a lot of knowledge to share! I'm really enjoying my time here, everyone is so lovely and friendly!"


Kerri Thompson

"Everyone has been so supportive in helping me with my recovery"

"The team at Kinetic has been super helpful in assisting me to transition from recovery/rehab phase of a football injury and into a development program so I can go into next pre-season training more prepared and stronger than last. Everyone has been so supportive in helping me in my recovery!"


Miz Testimonial

"Fantastic gym with awesome people"

"Fantastic gym with awesome people. They have very modern gym equipment but more importantly their coaches really care about your progress and they are constantly ensuring that you are getting the most out of yourself when you're there. Highly recommend for anyone looking to strengthen themselves, whether it be for rehab, maintenance or serious physical gains"

Why Choose Us?

Kinetic Sports Performance

Our coaches have elite level experience

Our coaches have worked with athletes and teams at the highest level, including TAC Cup, State, VFLW, VFL, AFLW and AFL. If you want to know how the elite players bulletproof their bodies, then you need to learn from those with the knowledge.
Kinetic Sports Performance

Small session sizes

Our sessions are capped at 6 athletes. This ensures you are getting close and personal attention paid to your technique, effort and progress. You will also enjoy the motivation of be surrounded by a group of like-minded athletes all on the same journey.
Kinetic Sports Performance

Individualised Program

You won't find any cookie cutter, generic programs here. An online 'sport specific' program might sound good, but how specific can it really be when thousands of people are all doing it? A group fitness class might also sound good, but do you see any elite athletes doing them in their off season? The top performers follow a program specific to them for a reason, which is why your program here is written by expert coaches and 100% tailored to your goals, sport and schedule.

Comprehensive Performance Testing

Our performance testing protocol and Performance Plan™ has been designed to replicate the testing and assessments at the elite level. We will give you an in-depth understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve on and most importantly; design your individualised program specifically for reducing your chances of sustaining a serious injury next season. You will be re-tested at the 6 week mark, and again at the completion of your off season program.

Access To A Sports Dietitian

Fuelling your body for optimum performance is an area that is commonly overlooked by aspiring athletes. Proper nutrition is crucial for success, as our Dietitian Alexandra will be able to show you. She is currently the Dietitian for the Geelong Cats VFL side, so brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience at the elite level.

What our members are saying


AFLW players are up to 9.2 times more likely than AFL men's players to injure their ACLs.


Strength training programs reduced sports injuries by an average of 66%.


A woman who has had an ACL injury is four to six times more at risk of developing osteoarthritis than an uninjured woman, and twice as likely to require a knee replacement later in life.

Our guarantee

We stand by our results. If after your performance re-test at the end of your 8 week period, you haven’t improved; or you aren't head over heels thrilled with the quality of the program...we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

We believe so strongly in our ability to bulletproof your body and improve your performance, that we’re willing to put it all on the line and take away all the risk for you.

By doing it this way, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Money Back Guarantee

AFL Women's Off-Season Performance Program

When you join our off-season program, you will have every tool as your disposal to ensure you significantly decrease your risk of injury and dramatically improve your athleticism.

Unlimited Weekly Training Sessions ($659 value)

Unlimited Track Speed Development Sessions ($659 value)

1 x 1:1 Onboarding Coaching Session ($110 value)

2 x Performance Testing & Assessments ($394 value)

Monthly Live QnA With Sports Dietitian ($540 value)

Individualised Programs And Unlimited Updates ($950 value)

Your Investment: $397

or 8 weekly instalments of $49.65

Frequently Asked Questions

The program runs for 8 weeks, payment is upfront.

Unlimited. Your program will dictate how many sessions per week you'll need to complete, depending on your schedule.

Yes. Every program is 100% tailored to you, your goals, and your schedule. 

Yes. Your program will involve specific speed and agility work.

Yes. You will be tested at the beginning and end of the 8 week period.

This program is specifically designed just for womens AFL players, at any level.

The off-season program does not have set dates, you can join it whenever suits you - your 8 weeks will then begin!