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Most training programs are actually making you slower, not faster.

If you’re like most athletes, you would love to improve your speed & agility, right?

Never getting beaten to a contest, always being a couple of steps ahead of your competitors; speed & agility opens up a whole new level of possibility for an athlete.

There’s just one problem though.

Your training might actually be making you slower.

The old mantra of ‘getting k’s in the legs’ for field based sports has been left in the past (where it belongs) by teams at the elite level…but is still prevalent at the semi-pro and local levels.

Running long distances is not going to make you faster.

3km time trials are not going to make you faster.

Your body adapts to the stimulus that you give it…if you train slow, you will play slow.

The same goes for a gym program.

If your training currently resembles a bodybuilding split (chest/tris, back/bis) with rep ranges of 3x10 all the way through and no plyometrics in sight… you are slowly but surely making yourself slower.

Grinding out hard, slow reps is going to translate onto the field.

If you’re moving weights slowly…you’re training your body to become slow.

And if you’re doing the dreaded combo of long slow runs, combined with hard, slow reps in the gym…you’re putting the nail in your speed & agility coffin.

You need to make a change, and quickly.

You need a program that’s designed by expert coaches that have experience at the elite level, so you can be confident you’re doing the right things for your body and sport.

You need a specific combination of strength training, plyometric training, and speed & agility drills done on the track, ensuring you are getting the absolute most out of your body.

But most importantly, you need a team around you that understands that even the slowest person on the team, with the correct training…can become the fastest.

It’s time for you to become the fastest.










How it works

As part of our Athlete Development Program, you will complete dedicated speed training both at the track, on the field and in our facility; ensuring you have every single tool at your disposal to develop your speed and agility.

We help any athlete wanting to improve their speed, play with confidence and get the edge over their competitors.

We are the only complete speed development solution available in Eastern Melbourne.


Initial performance testing and assessment


Unique Speed Development Plan created


Develop your strength and power through our gym based sessions


Improve your running mechanics and learn to apply your force effectively via our on-field speed sessions

What our members are saying

Why Choose Us?


Dedicated field and track sessions

As part of our program, you will complete dedicated speed sessions on a nearby field, and running track; teaching you how to turn your strength improvements in the gym, into real world speed improvements

Our coaches have elite level experience

Our coaches have worked with athletes and teams at the highest level, including NAB league, VFL, AFL and State. If you want to know what the elite athletes do to improve their speed, you need to be coached by those that actually have the knowledge.

Comprehensive Performance Testing

Our performance testing protocol has been designed to replicate the testing and assessments at the elite level. We will give you an in-depth understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve on and most importantly; design your individualised program to turn those weaknesses into strengths, and help you dramatically improve your speed

Small session sizes

Our gym sessions are capped at 6 athletes. This ensures you are getting close and personal attention paid to your technique, effort and progress. You will also enjoy the motivation of be surrounded by a group of like-minded athletes all looking to improve their speed & agility.

Individualised Program

You won't find any cookie cutter, generic programs here. An online 'sport specific' program might sound good, but how specific can it really be when thousands of people are all doing it? A group fitness class might also sound good, but do you see any elite athletes doing them? The top performers follow a program specific to them for a reason, which is why your program here is written by expert coaches and 100% tailored to your goals, sport and schedule.

Our guarantee

We stand by our results. If after your first 6 weeks with us, your performance re-test shows no improvements to your speed & agility...we’ll give you 100% of your money back. We believe so strongly in our ability to make you faster, that we’re willing to put it all on the line and take away all the risk for you.

By doing it this way, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Money Back Guarantee

Speed Development Program

When you join our Athlete Development Program, you'll have everything you need to develop your speed & agility, improve your overall athleticism, and get the edge over your competitors.

Unlimited Semi-Private Training (6 athletes per session) ($3250 value)

Unlimited On-Field Sprint Mechanics Sessions ($2300 value)

2 x Performance Testing & Assessments ($398 value)

Monthly Group Zoom With Sports Dietitian ($1440 value)

Individualised Speed Development Programs ($950 value)

Your Investment: $74.95/week

Frequently Asked Questions

There is $149 payable prior to commencing the ADP. This covers two 1:1 onboarding sessions with your performance coach to personally show you through your Speed Development Program.

In order to see genuine improvements to your speed & agility, you'll need to invest time and effort into your training. For this reason, we operate in 6 month contracts. There is no pay as you go/casual option available.

We require two weeks written notice for all membership suspensions.

Unlimited. Your program will dictate how many sessions per week you'll need to complete, depending on your schedule.

Yes. Your Speed Development Program is 100% tailored to you, your goals, and your schedule.

Yes. Every 6 weeks you will complete a Performance Test to measure your improvements to your speed. Your program will then be adjusted accordingly.

Our Junior ADP takes any athletes from ages of 11 onwards, however if you are younger we are happy to assess your application on a case by case basis.

$74.95 per week.

Yes. If you're an athlete at any level and want to improve your performance, then we're the place for you. Junior, club level, amateur, semi-professional, elite; whatever your level is - we can help you.